• July 7: Istanbul (Turkey), Küçükçiftlik Park
  • July 8: Athens (Greece), TerraVibe Park (Rockwave Festival)
  • July 10: Byblos (Lebanon), Byblos International Festival

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lanacherrycola-deactivated20140 said: What operation did barrie hv? Why

emergency dental surgery, idk why

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"Manchester folk! Barrie is still recovering from his op, and so we wont be able to play this evenings show. BUT...Chris Hamish & Lewis here will be out to play some acoustic songs for you all in the queue at 5:30 please RT and tell Manchester people! Xx" - KASSIDY

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lol so apparently ppl asked rob for his autograph last night, does anyone have any pics?

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Anonymous said: The london crowd was huge,I dont think she had time to meet anyone because there was just too many people. That was really nice of Rob to come down and give people signed boxes though.

she tried to meet at least all of the people in the first 1-3 rows. yes, it was so sweet, i was really surprised

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My Lana concert experience (London, May 19)

I left my hotel at about 5:30am but the tube was fucked up this weekend so I arrived at the venue around 6:15. It was pretty chill and I was wearing a dress so eeek. Around 3pm, security started giving out yellow wristbands to the people who got there early but I’m not sure what they were supposed to help with because lots of people in the front row didn’t have wristbands so I’m guessing they weren’t there early. About an hour before the gig started, Rob and someone else came outside and gave the people who had arrived early signed box sets. Guys, I touched Rob. And I said “Hi Rob” and “Thank you, Rob” but I don’t think he heard me. He was really nice though.

I was in the center of the front row so I was exactly in front of Lana. Before the gig, security started filling plastic cups with water which they gave out during the gig in between songs which was really thoughtful and quite a few people needed. Kassidy came on at about 8pm. They were really good and Barrie is hot as fuck. We didn’t know the songs so there wasn’t much singing along but some of their songs have a very repetitive chorus that just consists of the same phrase being repeated over and over again but it still sounds good and it makes it possible to sing along. There was lots of pushing even before the show started and it got pretty bad towards the end of Kassidy’s set. I think one girl fainted during their set and two girls were escorted by medical staff before the show even started.

Lana came on some time after 9pm and oh my god, it was so emotional. I cried a little when she first came out. She wore a beautiful white dress, high-heeled sandals, torquoise nail polish on her toes and nude nail polish on her fingers. She really looked beautiful, more beautiful than in photos and she looked slimmer as well. The pushing got really bad when she came out though. There was a girl who had originally been standing behind me that was trying to push to the front and it was just ways too tight. People were pushing from all sides and my arm kinda went numb. She seemed very happy and comfortable on stage and she said she was happy to be in London. She said stuff like "Some people thought they were coming to see a show, but I was just coming to see all my friends" and that she was happy to record her record here. The first song was Cola and she came down after that and collected letters and flowers. I couldn’t get my letter out of my bag though because it was just too tight. I touched her hand though. I got it out during a different song though and held it out to her and she kneeled down and took it while she was singing. Before the Ride monologue started, she went backstage and when she came out, I saw Rob standing at the side of the stage and he stayed there for the rest of the show, at one point he started filming and taking photos with his iPhone. Lana came back down after another song and then sang Without You while she was downstairs. She stood in front of me for most of it and it was magical. The pushing was bad though and people were pushing me against the barrier, pulling my hair, ramming their bodies into me ( :creep:) and I’m pretty sure one of them tried to use my head as a tripod a few times. When she came down after/during National Anthem, the pushing got really bad but I somehow got my Born to Die vinyl out of my bag to hold out for her to sign. She spent like 10-20 minutes taking photos, hugging people and signing stuff. She took a photo with the girl next to me and she pushed her hair into my face. It smells like hair styling products. And I kept my finger tips on her waist, on her waist. Then I asked her to sing my record and she did and she said something to me but I couldn’t hear it because it was so loud :( I couldn’t get my phone out to take a picture which is a shame but it’s fine.

After the gig, I got the Guns ‘N Roses tour shirt (for 25 pounds) and the photo book (for 15 pounds) for myself. The woman at the merch stand said that the merch had been reduced because they hadn’t been selling much and she said that the prices before were ridiculous.

I’m really happy about last night and I enjoyed it even though my body is still aching. She sang 14 songs: Cola, Born to Die, Video Games, Blue Jeans, Without You, Young & Beautiful, Burning Desire, National Anthem, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Carmen, Summertime Sadness, Ride, American and Body Electric (not in that order).

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